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5 Stylish Shelving Units

From bold colours to statement-making shapes, these fresh, modern storage units are definitely top shelf.

1.  Balancing Act
– The asymmetrical Meta bookshelf ($1,265), made from polyethylene, updates the classic bookshelf to a new level of quirky cool.

2. Orange You Glad – We’re (orange) crushing on this angular, open Tower Etagere unit ($190), a sculptural statement piece even when its shelves are empty.

3.  Colour Commentary – The high-gloss enamel that lines the shelves of the Color Block bookcase ($700)—in smoky grey. powder blue, sunshine yellow and rich coral—transforms a simple industrial iron frame into an on-trend storage essential.

4. To the Top – Mimicking the profiles of two ladders, the vertical, white-lacquered posts of the Ladder bookshelf ($399) hold up five wheat-hued shelves.  

5. Show and Tell – This is a serious update to your kindergarten cubby: the staggered shelves of the Sauder Soft Modern wall shelf ($400) mix open- and closed-back nooks to show off your favourite treasures.



I would prefer Number 4. TO THE TOP as the bookshelf.
Just like the books, simple outlook but very richful inside.


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