Accessories Photo Credit: Kyoko Fierro. Produced by Nicole Sjöstedt

Shop Talk—Wax Poetic

Even as the days grow longer, candles are still the ultimate way to set the mood. Find a design that fits with your style: from pillar to oversized aromatic, beeswax to delicate lacquered taper.

1. The Gloss
Lacquered taper candles ($7.95 to $18) by Ester and Erik.

2. Sweet as Honey
Antique beeswax bottle candles in rum ($75) and milk ($29) by Pollen Arts.

3. Precious Metal
Metallic vintage candle holders, medium and tall ($179 to $322) by Vietri.

4. Date Night
Extra-large fresh fig candle ($275) by Marianne Guedin.

5. Go for Gold
Gold Muse D’or candle ($89) by Jonathan Adler. Glass rope candle cloche ($95) from The Cross Decor and Design.


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