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Tranquil Bedroom Retreat

How Goldgrass Home can help you create a Five-star experience in your bedroom.

Our bedrooms should be a tranquil retreat that we look forward to after the stresses of the day. We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping and countless hours laying in bed, so why not create a Fivestar
experience in your bedroom?

A welcoming bed can make the difference
between a good night sleep and one that leaves you tossing and turning, and the right bed can relieve pain and stress. Investing in a high-end mattress and premium bedding will combine to create the perfect sanctuary.

“We understand the importance of a great night sleep,” says Andrew Mackie, founder and co-owner of Calgary’s premiere sleep store, Goldgrass Home. “We offer some of the world’s best luxury linens, pillows and mattresses, which are either organic or all-natural.”

Goldgrass is also Calgary’s exclusive Hastens dealer, Sweden’s oldest and world’s best craftsman of beds, mattresses and accessories.

“These are the real-deal horse-hair mattresses, truly a sleep experience like no other. There is no wonder it is the mattress of choice for celebrities, kings and queens,”

explains Mackie. “We have a separate gallery showcasing Hastens line of all-natural mattresses called the Hastens Sleep Spa, where you have a private place to really get comfortable.”

With up to 27 layers of coiled horsetail hair, wool, cotton & flax, assembled by 100 hours of careful hand stitching and detailing, a Hastens bed delivers pure comfort like you’ve only dreamed of.

If you’re like us, you know that there is no better feeling than that of drifting off at the end the day into pure, dreamy bliss.

For over 150 years Hastens has been working with one purpose in mind: to design and craft the world’s finest beds, so you can share their passion for sleep.

Have they perfected it? You’ll have to be the judge of that.

They would argue that in fact, no, they haven’t, which is why their teams of master craftsmen and designers continue to work tirelessly to refine and improve their already world leading designs.

That being said, what they’ve accomplished so far is quite remarkable, and it is for good reason that they have built the reputation as being the most luxurious and most coveted mattress.

There is simply nothing else quite like a Hastens bed.

But let’s take a closer look. What makes a Hastens different? And how will it revolutionize your sleep?

1. Hastens makes their beds from only the most carefully selected pure, natural materials. This includes wool, cotton, flax, and, of course, their signature material, coiled horsetail hair. (Spun with a process they’ve developed and refined for a century and a half.) Depending on which model of bed you choose, these materials are combined in up to 27 intricately laid layers. Put together, these materials stack up to provide you the ultimate in support, temperature control, and breathability. You’ll feel comfort across all categories. And, with such a track record, you know these time-tested materials will continue to feel good, night after night, year after year.

2. Hastens beds are handmade to the highest level of detail. Their craftsmen train for years to perfect the skills required to assemble and stitch together your new mattress; the layers of natural materials are laid out; the springs and corners are tied and clamped by hand; the cotton cover is sewn in place; the tufts and side-stitches pulled through with careful fingers. Altogether, the process can take over 100 hours of artistry. This means that when your new Hastens arrives at your home, it is guaranteed to be just right.

3. Having begun in 1852, Hastens has had over l50 years of experience. They are possibly the world’s oldest mattress maker, and are to this day a 5th generation family owned business. All of their beds are made in their original location, in Koping, Sweden. Their uncompromising standards have led them to be the mattress of choice for Kings, Queens, celebrities, top-doctors, executives and high-performers around the world. They are the go-to bed for people that need to make the most of their precious sleep hours.

Sleep lovers! It’s time to enjoy true sleeping bliss. Experience Hastens today, exclusively in Calgary at Goldgrass Home.
Models available from $10,000 to $45,000

To learn more about the Hastens story, visit the Hastens Sleep Spa at Goldgrass Home, or call us at (403) 452-1001 and we’ll mail you a Free copy of the Hastens 250 page ‘Passion for Sleep’ book, right away!

exclusively available at
1237 9th Avenue SE – (403) 452-1001


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