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8 Gorgeous Yellow Accessories That Bring a Little Sunshine to Your Space

Say hello to warm, wonderful yellow—our latest home decor colour obsession.

As a a kid, you’re constantly being asked about your favourite colour. It’s an important statement about who you are as a tiny person: one of the first moments of independent preference in a world controlled by boring grownups. I like blue. I want the purple one.

And then, as an adult, people rarely ask you your favourite colour. At this point in your life, you’re well-aware that life is filled with nuance—occasions where you’ll prefer a red dress to a blue one, or get the urge to cover up a white wall with a vibrant shade of chartreuse. Committing firmly to just one hue, proclaiming one sliver of the rainbow as your be-all and end-all, seems suffocating, not liberating.

But despite our love for variety, and our appreciation of the vast range the colour spectrum has to offer, deep down, we’ve all still got a hue that’s closer to our hearts than others. For me, that’s sunshine yellow: sunny, playful and bright. Though the walls in my home are a crisp white, and my wardrobe favours greys and blues, whenever I spot yellow anything—sofas, throw pillows, cardigans—my head can’t help but turn. And it’s been turning a lot lately: summer is coming, and bold colours are trickling into shops, including plenty of pieces decked out in not-so-mellow yellow.

Here, find a few of our favourite styles that celebrate (I’m not ashamed to say it!) my favourite colour.

8 Sunshine-Yellow Home Decor Pieces to Brighten Up a Room


1. The Must-Have Patio Chair

Set up the Ixtapa lounge chair ($429) from Cb2 on a sunny patio and get to work on a golden glow of your own.

2. The Statement Seat

A yellow three-seater sofa may be beautiful, but that’s a big commitment to a trend. The Ekerö chair ($229) from Ikea, on the other hand, is a smaller investment for a standout seat.

3. The Sunshine-Hued Serving Bowl

The Iittala Kastehelmi footed bowl ($50) is covered in tiny glass droplets—fitting, as “kastehelmi” means “dewdrop” in Finnish.

4. The Perfect Bag for a Sunny Weekend

Make your weekend getaways that much sweeter with this cheery Fjallraven Foldsack in Ochre ($120).

5. A Bright New Look

Even when then the EQ3 Tube Top lamp ($169) is turned off, the quirky acrylic design brightens up a room.

6. The Stylish Hideaway

The minimalist Holmegaard Palet storage jar ($85) may be designed to hide away your goodies discretely, but it’s hard to take your eyes off the combination of yellow glass and warm oak.

7. The Throw Pillow That Will Instantly Change Up Your Look

The DwellStudio Felix pillow ($89) combines two trends we love: sunshine yellow accent pieces (if that wasn’t clear already) and geometric patterns.

8. The Prettiest Print

We love the symmetry of this graphic Tad Carpenter Yellow Field print ($149).

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