Dorsia Designs

Dorsia Designs’ vision is to create structural and interior designs that reflect each client’s personality and lifestyle. In doing so, they demonstrate an unmatched customer service that has built a loyal following and strong referral-based clientele since their 2014 establishment. Customers are repeatedly impressed by the professional but approachable staff and stop-at-nothing details, which include a complimentary car service to material selections meetings and a “Lifestyle Allowance” budgeting service that guarantees total transparency throughout a project.

Dorsia Designs is comprised of two distinct divisions: custom builds and complete renovations. Whether you are starting fresh or updating a well-loved home, the Calgary-based business will help to create your ideal home—and, as a result, your ideal lifestyle—from beginning to end. With comprehensive quotes, hands-on advice, and expert contractors along the way, Dorsia Designs transforms an overwhelming concept into an enjoyable experience, enabling you to get on with the life you’ve always dreamt of living. After all, life is about living. The way you live is your lifestyle. That lifestyle is you.


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