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Must-Have Travel Accessories for a Sun Getaway

January is a prime time to jet away to a tropical destination to soak in the vitamin D. Here are our top product picks to make packing (almost) as easy as booking the ticket.

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1. Sholdit Clutch Wrap Purse

Instead of toting around a drab money belt, Sholdit’s Wrap Purse functions as a comfy travel scarf, a secret pouch for your passport (or valuables at the beach), and turns into a clutch for wandering the town. It also comes in a variety of colours and styles for any trip. Sholdit ($40).

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2. Evian Facial Spray
With so much focus on staying hydrated on the beach, we tend to forget that dried out feeling after the plane. A hydrating spray is a quick solution to dehydrated skin and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to start that dream vacation. Vancouver, Sephora ($16)

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3. Forever New Swim Wear Wash
After lazy days at the beach, bathing suits are bound to get worn down and stretched out. Swim Wear Wash by Forever New uses plant-based cleansers to remove sunscreen and body oils, plus neutralize chlorine (and the smell). Forever New ($10)

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4. Folding Rayban Wayfarers
Sunglasses may seem like an obvious must, but these compact sunglasses have a timeless style and are easy to store in any sized beach bag—plus they may even be harder to break. Rayban (from $245).


 5. VinniBag Inflatable Travel Bag. 
The tropics holds many perks, but perhaps most notably, the rum. Whether you stocked up at the Duty Free or are trucking back your favourite Caribbean spirit, Vinnibag is a creative product to bring it all back home in one piece. Bed, bath & Beyond ($30).

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6. Free People Blanket Roll
A sturdy yet stylish beach blanket can be incredibly functional in the sand. This pick by Free People comes equipped with a leather carrying strap for those long walks on the beach. Free People ($93)




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