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A First Look at The New Roche Bobois ‘Nativ’ Collection

Designer Raphael Navot debuts his first furniture collection Nativ for Roche Bobois.

Raphael Navot is known for his unique and modern approach to woodwork. “Wood fascinates me, all the different patinas and characteristics that develop over time,” says the designer. And it is this organic, evolving sensibility that underlines Nativ, a new series of sofas, chairs, tables and bookshelves created for Roche Bobois, that pushes the very boundaries of what contemporary furniture can look like and feel like.

Raphel Navot

“Organic forms used throughout the collection echo our body language,” says Navot. When naming the Nativ collection, the designer pondered on how the human body has hardly changed in some 200,000 years. “Yet, the world of design is constantly looking for new methods of expression,” he says. “We are so familiar with these organic forms because they are part of us. They don’t necessarily just fit in with what is happening today—they could have existed before or after. A language that is universal.”

The Nativ collection, which is in stores at Roche Bobois now, is sensual, textured, vibrant and relies heavily on natural materials like solid wood, wool, cotton, ceramics and mineral coatings to tell a new story in design.

Here is a preview of key pieces from the new Nativ collection:

Underline Sofa

This elegant, low-profile four-seater is a new design classic with a base of solid fir and pine that’s wrapped in down and soft nubuck leather. The large toss cushions are made with 100% goose and duck feathers. The Underline series also features loveseats and lounge chairs available in different colours, fabrics and leathers. “These materials create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, while also offering true comfort,” says the designer.

Dot Armchair

The orb is reimagined in the refined and ultra-luxe, swivelling Dot armchair. Smooth curves in sumptuous fabrics will make conversation nooks and seating arrangements irresistible.

The Patchwork Table

The anchor of the Nativ collection, the Patchwork table is a master class in marquetry with 320 individual wooden pieces coming together to resemble an enigmatic woodwork puzzle. The wood grain varies on each distressed oak piece to highlight the material, and thick grey joints enhance the graphic lines of the tabletop, which sits on curved legs. 

Axle Sideboard

This too is an example of how Navot’s collection is redesigning the classics. Here, the rectangular sideboard is transformed into something more organic: doors curve inward on an oval shape and hide a secret rotating bar in the centre, flanked by shelves on either side. Instead of wood, doors are upholstered in lightly grained, eco-friendly nubuck. 

Primordial Bookcase

A curiously shaped closet for showcasing curios and collections of worldwide treasures—the Primordial bookcase defies convention with a rock-like finish and an irregular, seemingly hand-formed silhouette. It feels more sculpture than bookshelf; an intriguing piece for the artistic, the playful and the interesting.

To view the rest of the innovative Nativ collection at Roche Bobois, visit: roche-bobois.com.


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