How to Enter Designers of the Year

Submissions are now open for our Designers of the Year 2017 competition! Deadline for entries is April 1, 2017.

Download the entry form here.
(Includes complete rules and regulations.)

Western Living’s Designers of the Year competition is an annual celebration of the best designers in Western Canada, and 2017 marks our 10th anniversary. Winners are featured in the September issue of the magazine.

Check out the winning designers from years past, or sort winners by category.

Our categories include:
Interior Design
Robert Ledingham Memorial Award (for an emerging interior designer)
Arthur Erickson Memorial Award (for an emerging architect)

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Download the entry form here.
(Includes complete rules and regulations.)



Can I enter commercial designs for the Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape or Memorial Awards?

For the landscape category, one primary project must be residential, but secondary, supporting projects may be residential or commercial.

All other spatial design categories are for residential projects only.

How many projects do I need to be able to enter?

For most categories, you need to submit 3 to 5 projects.

The exception is the “emerging” categories—the Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for and Emerging Interior Designer, and the Arthur Erickson Memorial Award for an Emerging Architect, which each just require 1-3 projects to enter.

Can I enter both the Interior Design category and the Robert Ledingham Award category? (Or Architecture and the Arthur Erickson Category?)

Yes, but note that 3-5 projects are required for Architecture and Interior Design submissions, and only 1-3 are required for Robert Ledingham and Arthur Erickson Memorial Awards.

What format should the submission package be in?

There are a variety of different ways to package your submission:

  • You may send us your assortment of .jpgs and Word files directly.
  • You may organize via folder by project and submit as a .zip or .rar compressed file, or share a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder.
  • You may also put all the required materials into one PDF.

What is the difference between the Industrial and Maker category?

Industrial design should be product designs that have the capability of being mass-produced. Maker design submissions should include products that are either hand-made, or products that cannot fit into other categories like fashion or furniture—examples may include pottery or textiles.

If you’re not sure what category your work belongs in, feel free to ask!

When will the winners be notified?

We will announce our shortlist in July. The winners will be celebrated in our September issue, and at our annual Designers of the Year party.

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