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Fried Chicken

Fried chicken involves three basic steps to build flavour and crunch: marinating, breading and frying....


Pulled Chicken Burger

Angie Quaale’s Pulled Chicken Burger recipe puts a welcome twist to the standard pulled meat...


Spatchcocked Chicken (Roasted or Grilled)

Spatchcocking, a method of butterflying a chicken by removing the backbone, gives the meat a...


Hanger Steak with Boudin Noir and Fingerling Potatoes

Impress your guests at your next dinner party with this delicious, easy to make hanger...


Balinese Chicken Curry with Lemon Basil Yogurt

Chef Roger Ma from Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar shares his winning recipe—Balinese Chicken Curry...


Lamb Dhansak with Smoked Paneer, Pickled Raisins and Carrot Chips

Hawksworth Restaurant’s Chef Rob Ratcliffe shares his winning recipe from the Chefs’ Table Society 2nd...


Chicken and Tarragon Casserole

This deliciously simple chicken and tarragon slow-cooked casserole from Amelia Freer’s new cookbook Cook. Nourish....


Veal Schnitzel

Most of the Springs restaurants are found within her granite confines, but the Tyrolean-inspired Waldhaus...


Cauliflower Bacon Risotto

A new take on risotto makes a perfect side dish or appetizer.


Prawn and Brie Flatbread

Canada’s longest running restaurant chain is celebrating local food this summer, and that’s something we...


Nk’Mip Cellars Syrah Lamb Burger with Pretzel Bun

Nk’Mip Cellars chef Liam McNulty creates a rustic, locally sourced dish to pair perfectly with...


Linguine with Tuna and Lemon

This is one of those ridiculously easy recipes that are excellent to have in your...


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