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12 Home Accessories in Pantone’s New Colour of the Year: Moving Coral

How to embrace this joyful saturated hue at home.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Pantone’s Colour of the Year announcement. And for 2019, we’re leaping from Ultra Violet (which to be honest, we saw pretty much nowhere) into something with a bit more of a tropical vibe: “Moving Coral.”

The amount of adjectives Pantone is throwing around to describe this pretty pink-ish shade is almost a little much (“Vibrant yet mellow,” “sociable and spirited,” “nurturing,” “a lively presence within social media”) but we’re on board. It’s a step away from dusty Millennial pink, but still with that youthful playfulness, and the saturated colour can make a serious impact in a neutral space.

Pantone claims this winning hue is symbolic of “our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits,” and we’ll admit: it’s at least putting a smile on our faces to think about all the great opportunities for accessorizing that accompany this choice.

Want to get in on the Moving Coral trend? Try these key pieces.

12 Home Accessories That Embrace Pantone’s Moving Coral Colour

Ikea’s Poäng armchair, orange, $129

500-ml Bkr water bottle, $23

Hay Tower Block notepad, $38

KitchenAid mixer in Birds of Paradise, $366

Neocraft Loop chair, $1,445

Freistil 154 table, $556

Gan Mangas chaise lounge, $4,900

Monarch accent pillow, $30

Salari Salsa lounge ottoman, price on request

Anthropologie gold accent dessert plate, $24

Crosley Coral Canvas Cruiser bluetooth record player, $119

Zoe Pawlak oil painting, Imagined Vessels II, $1,800



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