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Bring Back Wall Decor

It’s time for more than art on your walls.

Somewhere along the way, we fell out of the habit of putting anything but art on the walls. (And by somewhere, I mean as soon as we exited the 1970s.) I’m still nostalgic about the great, wooly wallhanging my parents had in their place (though I shudder to think of the dustbunnies in there). Umbra’s latest Prisma Wall Decor designs are the perfect, modern solution: oh-so on trend with their geometric design, and they’ll look great both on the wall, or as a hit of tabletop decor. (And they’re far more easily kept dustbunny-free.)

Umbra Prisma Wall Decor, $33, available at Capitol Iron, Victoria,; Moe’s Home Collection, Vancouver,; Twisted Goods, Calgary,


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